Cremation Pricing

Every year Cremation becomes more predominant as a choice of disposition. Choosing cremation as a method of final disposition does not mean you can’t have a ceremony of celebration. Many options exist for you and your family to celebrate the life of your loved one. Families often have questions or concerns about the cremation processes. We want you to feel comfortable in your choices and we will answer any questions you have, so please do not hesitate to ask us.

In some circumstances, we can also assist you with payment through the use of Expected Insurance Policy Proceeds or Future Estate Funds. If you are curious about these options, please ask us.

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Simple Cremation

A simple cremation includes no ancillary services, no viewings, services or rights, but may include ancillary
cremation merchandise. Includes specifically the following, and only the following, services:
$685 Simple Cremation • $25 Medical Examiner Fee • 2 Death Certificate • Rosewood Urn • Professional Staff and Services • Transportation to Crematory
Additional services are available, but the discount offered for “Simple Cremation” will not apply.


Total Package Price

Service of Remembrance

We assist you along the way to ensure the memories of your loved one are honored. Everyone who leaves us leaves a mark. A
memorial service gives you the opportunity to talk about your memories. We offer you an affordable option and a place to
share your memories.


Total Package Price

Traditional Cremation Service

Viewing and Visitation in our chapel, with service on the same or the next day in our chapel or at your place of worship. Our
traditional cremation service allows you to celebrate the life of your loved one in a manner that honors your family or religious traditions.


Total Package Price


1. Additional embalming and cremation costs may be incurred if your loved one is in excess of 250 pounds, or if an autopsy was performed.

2. All flower allowances must be used with our preferred florist, and orders must be initiated through the funeral home.

3. You may incur additional charges called Cash Advances. These charges by newspapers, clergy, churches, musicians, death certificates, etc. In these cases, we charge you what they charge us.

4. Additional accessory merchandise is available from various venders. A price list will be presented with catalog from those vendors